Definite Dominicaanse Republiek Cashew Milk & Macadamia 57% BIO 60g


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This chocolate bar with macadamia nuts is a single origin chocolate from the municipality of Villa Altagracia in the Dominican Republic, 60 grams. Villa Altagracia is a cocoa region close to the capital Santo Domingo.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cane sugar, cashew milk, macadamia nuts

About Definite

Definite is a small artisan chocolate maker in the Dominican Republic. With their tree-to-bar bars, they already won awards at the Academy of Chocolate. Cocoa from farmers from Villa Altagracia was used for this bar. Some 400 smallholder farmers in the area work with Biocafcao, which supports them in the organic production of the beans. Biocafcao ferments the cocoa beans for about 6 days in wooden boxes. The beans are then left to dry in the sun for seven to 10 days.