Georgia Ramon 75% Shadow Milk milkchocolate BIO 50g


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It could hardly be any darker. Prepared without sugar, this 75% milk chocolate puts everything else to shame. Creamy and powerful, Yin and Yang in one bar.

Anyone who thinks that at Georgia Ramon, milk chocolate stops at 55% is wrong. Fruity cocoa from the Dominican Republic, from Öko Caribe, has a 75% share in this bar. Milk powder the remaining 25%.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, whole milk powder (25%), cocoa butter

Flavour: creamy and sweet, yet powerful and full-bodied.

Weight: 50 gram


About Georgia Ramon

Georg Bernardini trained as a pastry chef, but since the 1990s has developed into one of the best chocolatiers in the world. He is one of Germany’s best-known chocolate connoisseurs because in 2015 he wrote The Chocolate Reference Standard, a standard work describing all chocolate bars on the market in Germany at that time. While tasting and writing, it started itching again: together with his partner Ramona, he launched the single origin chocolate brand Georgia Ramon.



Cocoa mass, whole milk powder (25%), cocoa butter. Store in a dark and dry place. Guaranteed gluten-free. May contain traces of nuts.

Made in

Bonn, Germany