Kamairicha by Master Aikawa 50g


Wok roasted green tea from Ureshino

This unique tea is made according to an ancient tradition. The method of preparation was introduced to Japan by the Chinese about 500 years ago. Nowadays, this tea variety is only made in Ureshino.

Kamairicha means pan-roasted tea. To prevent the tea from oxidizing, turning it brown, it is now steamed directly after picking as is common in Japan. Instead, the fresh leaves are heated in a steal pan (up to 300ºC) and stirred constantly. A labor of love! Master Aikawa performs this labor-intensive and time-consuming process himself.

The roasting gives the tea a specific flavor and strong aroma. You might call Kamairicha the espresso of the Japanese tea varieties.

  • Flavor: full, powerful yet subtle.
  • Origin: Ureshino, Japan
  • Weight: 50 grams

brewing time: 2 mins. - water temperature: 70ºC - 1 heaping teaspoon per cup

Multiple infusions possible.