Storage canister Coffee Matt Black with one-way valve (250 g)


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This matt black coffee storage can has a CO2 one-way valve to prevent ageing of the coffee. After the coffee beans are roasted, CO2 is released from the beans for some time. This is a normal process, but you build up unwanted pressure in your storage tin, causing the beans to age faster.

Thanks to the clever one-way valve at the top, CO2 can leave the storage can, but no more air can enter. So the coffee storage tin is airtight, keeps the beans dry and doesn’t let light in. This is how you keep your coffee fresh for the longest time!

Set roast date

The rotary knob in the lid makes it easy to set your coffee’s roast date. Coffee remains at its tastiest up to 8 weeks after its roast date. So by setting the date, you can better track the freshness of the beans.

  • Colour: matt black
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Contents: 250 grams of coffee beans
  • Diameter: 13 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Width 13 cm
  • Free stainless steel measuring spoon included!