Sumatra Kerinci “Tumiro” natural coffee beans Organic



At the foot of the Kerinci mountains, starting point of many mountaineers, lies Tumiro & Erna Manis’ coffee orchard. The area is called Giri Mulyo, where tea is also grown. It is an area that has not long been unlocked for buying coffee by outside parties. In 2019, our importer connected with the producers of a small cooperative of 413 coffee farmers through a local coffee roaster. Tumiro & Erna are part of this cooperative, but these beans, however, were harvested only by them. The natural processing has resulted in a complex-tasting coffee.

  • Origin: Kayu Aro, Kerinci, Zuid-West Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Altitude: 1600 metres above sea level
  • Cupping score: 84 / 100
  • Bean: natural arabica, varieties Andung Sari, Sigarar Utang.
  • Flavours: blueberry, madarin (peel), milk chocolate