Definite Dominican Republic Öko Caribe 80% BIO 60g


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Single origin chocolate from the Dominican Republic, 60 grams

Awards: Academy of Chocolat Award 2018: brons

Flavor profile: jasmine, chamomile, lemon

Ingredients: cocoa beans (80%) BIO, cane sugar BIO

About Definite

Definite is an artisan chocolate maker in the Dominican Republic. With their tree-to-bar bars, they already won awards at the Academy of Chocolate. Cacao from Öko Caribe was used for this bar. Öko-Caribe is a cocoa processor in the town of Pimentel in Duarte province in northern Dominican Republic.

Duarte province is the largest cocoa growing region in the country and Öko-Caribe maintains close relationships with more than 150 smallholders in the region who provide training and support for organic certification. Farmers harvest the cocoa pods, open them, extract the pulp-covered beans and bring them to Öko-Caribe, which then completes the fermentation and sun-drying process.