Bottled Cold Drip Coffee 250 ml


Extract of cold brewed single origin coffee. Brewing time at least 12 hours.

Bottled Cold Drip Coffee is a true flavour explosion of ultra-concentrated coffee. We make this extract with cold water in a Cold Drip Tower and bottle it into 250ml bottles. In at least 12 hours, we brew Evermore’s most flavourful single origin coffees with cold water, giving you a refined cold drink that has little bitterness. You can serve a cold drip straight from the bottle or use it as an ingredient in a mixed drink.

Characteristic flavour of a cold drip coffee

Cold drips (and cold brews in general) have a mild, often sweet taste. Because they are brewed with cold water, they contain less bitterness. The long brewing time gives the coffee a complex, concentrated flavour. As a result, some cold drips look a bit like liqueur or rum, but otherwise contain no alcohol.

Serving suggestions

Cold Drip Tower

A Cold Drip Tower looks like a chemistry instrument, and that’s actually how it works: ice and cold water goes into the glass sphere at the top. We first carefully wet the ground coffee and put a paper filter on top. Then we set the drip system so that the water slowly trickles through the coffee for at least 12 hours.

Cold Drip Tower | Evermore

A bottle of Cold Drip Coffee will keep for at least a week after opening, chilled. But it is far too delicious to keep for so long!


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