Chin Shin Taiwan Oolong 30g


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This floral, silky Chin Shin Taiwan Oolong is produced in a small tea garden in Chishui, Mingjian, Nantou County, Taiwan. The tea grows in the village of Chishiu and is processed there. Chishui is known for its iron rich, red soil. The entire production is attended to by the Lin family. This tea is 25% to 30% oxidized, quite low for an oolong. This way the rich, floral flavor profile of the leaves is preserved.

  • Flavor: white flowers, grass, silk
  • Cultivar: Chin Shin
  • Oxidation: 25-30%
  • Origin: Chishui, Mingjian, Nantou County, Taiwan

This tea is produced in accordance with organic standards, but has not been certified.

30 grams

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