Ethiopia Guji Anasora Kelloo #2 Washed Coffee Beans



Anasora is a new washing station (processing facility of freshly picked beans) processing beans grown at high altitude in Guji. Until very recently, the Guji region produced only naturals (unwashed coffees). In 2018, the washing station Anasora opened, and since then it has been producing washed coffees with exceptionally high cupping scores.

There is something particularly unique about Anasora’s coffee. The berries in Guji ripen slowly and look different. The flavour profile can be described as slightly spicy with a lot of complexity.

This coffee is of Grade 2 quality. Grade 2 means it is a washed coffee. The difference between Grade 1 and 2 is determined by the number of defects found during the production process. If a coffee gets a Grade 1 certification, it means it has 0 to 3 defects; that is very exceptional! Grade 2 coffees have between 4 and 12 defects, which is definitely a top score. Washed coffees have a more consistent quality than unwashed coffees.


Coffee roaster Ian visited Anasora Kelloo in January 2019.



Papaya, pineapple, fresh and wine-like

Bean variety

100% washed arabica, local varieties


Guji, Ethiopia (at least 2350 m altitude)

Cupping Score