Krak 70% Vietnam Bến Tre 80g


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Krak 70% Vietnam Bến Tre is a single origin chocolate bar with only two ingredients: cocoa and cane sugar. All bars are handmade in Ermelo by master pastry chef Mark Schimmel.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Vegan, free from nuts, soya, milk and gluten.

Weight: 80 gram

Winner European Bronze 2016 at the International Chocolate Awards

About Krak Chocolade

Before using his talents to make chocolate, Mark Schimmel was a renowned pastry chef. He learnt that trade in three-star Michelin kitchens before becoming head pastry chef in a two-star restaurant. It was there that he developed his love for chocolate. He also wanted to know the story behind chocolate before it is used in cooking. Krak he founded with the aim of putting the origins of chocolate at the forefront. His bars let you experience that even the smallest adjustments to a recipe can drastically change the taste of chocolate.


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